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Manifestation of Speech Aggression in Contemporary Russian Newspapers («Tannhauser» polemic of 2015)

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For citation: Yakovleva Yl.V. (2016) Proyavleniya rechevoy agressii na stranitsakh rossiyskikh gazet (polemika 2015 g. ob opere «Tangeyzer») [Manifestation of Speech Aggression in Contemporary Russian Newspapers («Tannhauser» polemic of 2015)]. Mediaskop 2. Available at:


© Yl. V. Yakovleva

PhD degree-seeking student at the Chair of Media Speech, Faculty of Journalism Russian State Humanities University (Moscow, Russia),



The article considers some examples of speech aggression in the media polemic in March-April, 2015. The discussion is devoted to a resonance version of the opera Tannhäuser by R. Wagner at The Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre in December, 2014. A purpose of the research is to identify polemic means in contemporary Russian media. For this purpose the descriptive, descriptive-comparative, stylistic and rhetoric analyses were used. Many speech aggression manifestations in the examined journalistic materials are found. Speech aggression takes diverse forms on the lexical and grammatical levels. The various discourse practices such as irony, sarcasm and negative evaluation of opponents’ actions to discredit them and to attract readers’ interest and sympathy are also used. This way of polemic promotes escalation of conflict. The conflict, in turn, leads to a communicative failure. As a result, aggressive media make a more aggressive society.

Keywords: speech aggression, polemic, assessment, opera, Tannhauser.



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