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N. M. Karamzin as an editor of the section ″Mixture″ of the newspaper ″Moscow Records″ (″Moskovskiye Vedomosti″)

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For citation: Akchurina A.R. (2016) N.M. Karamzin – redaktor rubriki «Smes'» v gazete «Moskovskie vedomosti» (1795 g.) [N.M. Karamzin as an editor of the section ″Mixture″ of the newspaper ″Moscow Records″ (″Moskovskiye Vedomosti″)]. Mediaskop 2. Available at:



© Aleksandra R. Akchurina

PhD, Senior researcher at the Chair of Foreign Languages for the Faculty of Journalism, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia),



This article analyzes the results of Nikolay Karamzin’s contribution to the newspaper ″Moscow Records″ (″Moskovskiye Vedomosti″) in 1795. His editorial work in the section ″Mixture″ has not been previously examined in detail by other researchers. However, this subject, in author’s opinion, is of great interest. During the preparation of the column, Karamzin as an editor demonstrated his ability to work with texts of various genres and masterfully assembled them into a coherent whole. Karamzin took into account the interests of the audience, sought to educate and entertain the readers, so that in 1795 ″Mixture″ was the decoration of ″Moscow Records″.

Keywords: Nikolay Karamzin, ″Moskovskiye Vedomosti″ (″Moscow Records″), section ″Mixture″, periodicals, editor.



Materials of the newspaper ″Moscow Records″ (″Moskovskiye Vedomosti″) during the period from 1794 to 1795.