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The role of the press in shaping the media image of China (Based on Materials of "Rossiiskaya gazeta" and "Nezavisimaya gazeta")

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For citation: Lin' Fjej. Rol' pressy v formirovanii mediaobraza Kitaja (po materialam izdanij «Rossijskaja gazeta» i «Nezavisimaja gazeta») [The role of the press in shaping the media image of China (based on materials from Rossiyskaya Gazeta and Nezavisimaya Gazeta)] // Mediaskop. 2020. 4. Available at:

DOI: 10.30547/mediascope.4.2020.10


Lin Fei

PhD student at the Chair of Periodic Press, Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia)



The article considers the media coverage of the state of China from December 2019 to March 2020. The complex global situation and rapprochement of Russian-Chinese relations make the topic of China very relevant. The media image of China is indicative not only of the Western world, led by United States, but also of the attitude of Russia. In this article, by means of content analysis, the author explores the peculiarities of news coverage about China in newspapers "Rossiiskaya gazeta" and "Nezavisimaya gazeta". In all, 100 articles published have been analyzed. The author has come to the following conclusion: with the help of methods like various topics, headline tactics, comparison method, metaphors, using expert opinions and citation, "Rossiiskaya gazeta" and "Nezavisimaya gazeta" play a role in shaping China’s image. For objectivity and impartiality, the author seeks to cover different points of view, even contradicting each other.

Keywords: national image, medial image, Russian press, linguistic methods, Russian-Chinese relations.



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