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Political Mythology of Modern Russia: Verbal Aspect

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For citation: Suzdal`tseva V.N. (2018) Politicheskaya mifologiya sovremennoy Rossii: verbal'nyy aspect [Political Mythology of Modern Russia: Verbal Aspect]. Mediaskop3. (in Russian). Available at:

DOI: 10.30547/mediascope.3.2018.9


© Vera N. Suzdal`tseva

PhD in Philology, Associate Professor at the Chair of Russian Language Stylistics, Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia),


The article is prepared on the basis of the report presented at the International Research and Training Conference "Journalism in 2017: Creation, Profession, Industry" that took place on February 5−7, 2018 at the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov MSU within the framework of a section "Capabilities of Modern Media Speech".



Notable attribute of political mythology of the recent decade is the systematical appeal to political celebrities of the Soviet period, re-thinking of ideas and assessments that were developed in the 50−80s of XX century.

Denial of previous political myths and constructing the new ones take place under escalated polemic between different authors and different media editions. But polemic can determine composition-stylistic features of narration within one text, whose narration is organized on the principle polemic counterpoint. The purpose of the researcher is to define, which verbal instruments provide implementation of this principle.

One of the persons returned to political mass media space of the recent ten years is Stalin`s close companion, one of the mass repressions organizers Lavrenty Beria. The textual part of a TV film by Dmitry Dibrov "Lavrenty Beria. Rewritten biography" that is created as contrapuntal discussion, is analyzed in this article. Dualism of assessments, stated during the film, is actualized by: evaluative words placed on the opponent poles of the axiological scale, words stimulating archetypical reactions, positive or negative; lexis of "activity field" that means actions criticized / approved in Russian collective mentality and connected with concepts "cruelty, violence" / "benefit". At the end of the film the author does not explicate his estimative attitude to Beria`s persona. Mass media text created as a discourse, provokes discourse among the audience of mass media.

Keywords: political myth, contrapuntal narration, intratextual polemism.



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