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Media Reality in the Context of Sociocultural Glocalization (the case of Switzerland)

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For citation: Yakova T.S. (2017) Mediareal'nost' v kontekste sotsiokul'turnoy glokalizatsii (na primere Shveytsarii) [Media Reality in the Context of Sociocultural Glocalization (the case of Switzerland)]. Mediaskop4. (in Russian). Available at:


© Tamara S. Yakova
PhD, Associate Professor at the Chair of Foreign Journalism and Literature, Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia),


The material is based on the report presented during the plenary panel discussion "The Reality of Media: Sociocultural Principles and Lingua Pragmatic Methods of Its Formation" at the Second International Scientific Conference "Language in Mass Media Coordinates", which took place on 2−6 of July, 2017 at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications of St. Petersburg State University.



The report examines the processes of media reality formation in the context of glocalization, integration of global and local trends, associated in the mediaspace of Switzerland. The focus of the study: the main characteristics mediа representation of the world, designed by the Swiss media focused on the preservation of the national identity.

Keywords: media reality, glocalization, Swiss media and national identity.


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