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Foreign Experience in Mass Media Visualization of Scientific Information

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For citation: Gerasimova I.S. (2016) Zarubezhnyy opyt vizualizatsii nauchnoy informatsii v massmedia [Foreign Experience in Mass Media Visualization of Scientific Information]. Mediaskop 4. Available at:


© Irina S. Gerasimova

Alumni of the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Chair of Sociology and Mass Communications (Moscow, Russia),



Contemporary culture tends to become more visual. Visualizations are the language of mass-media. They are eye-catching, memorable and easy to understand. Moreover, visualizations fulfill information, communication, cognitive, entertainment, aesthetic and illustrative functions. Taking into account their specific features visuals can assist in science popularization.

The article is dedicated to the results of exploratory research on usage of visualizations in online mass-media publications about science. Since the English language has become the language of international science communication the comparative research was focused on the publications in this language in the most popular online media. The investigation was carried out on the basis of elaborated codifier, which consisted of 9 categories and 264 features including all existing types of visualizations. The content-analysis revealed that as a mean of science popularization visualizations can be used effectively.

Keywords: visualization, science popularization, science, infographics, photography, colour, mass media



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