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Interaction of Azerbaijan TV channels and social networks (the case of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)

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For citation: Gulieva Syusan Adalat gyzy. Interaction of Azerbaijan TV channels and social networks (the case of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)// Mediascope. 2021. 3. Available at:

DOI: 10.30547/mediascope.3.2021.1


© Sysan Adalat gyzy Gulieva

Expert at the international department of the Baku branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Doctoral candidate at the Chair of radio and television, Faculty of journalism, Baku State University (Baku, Azerbaijan),



In the modern world, it is impossible to imagine our life without social networks. As time passed, social networks, initially created for simple social communications, gradually expanded their activities. Today, social media is a platform for both individuals and companies. Mass media is a part of it. Nowadays, social media users subscribed to a great variety of mass media pages are aware of numerous events taking place in the world. It is sufficient to follow only one page in order to obtain information from several channels. The present article discusses development of interaction between Azerbaijani TV channels and social networks. The majority of the Azerbaijani TV channels have recently started to interact with social networks. The subject of the present paper are the most popular social networks in Azerbaijan such as Facebook and Instagram. The analysis of TV channels revealed both positive and negative points. In different periods of time, the author examined the official pages of 7 national TV channels. The initial stage of the study revealed that certain channels are poorly represented in social media or not represented at all. However, the following examinations indicate positive points. The interaction with the social media of state and public TV channels of Azerbaijan is particularly notable.

Keywords: television, social network, TV in social media, users, account



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