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Interdisciplinarity of Theoretical Concepts Used in Russian and Foreign Studies of the Mediatization Process

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For citation: Gureeva A.N. (2017) Mezhdistsiplinarnost' teoreticheskikh kontseptsiy v rossiyskikh i zarubezhnykh issledovaniyakh protsessa mediatizatsii [Interdisciplinarity of Theoretical Concepts Used in Russian and Foreign Studies of the Mediatization Process]. Mediaskop4. (in Russian). Available at:


© Anna N. Gureeva

PhD in Philology, Researcher at the Chair of Media Theory and Economics, Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia),



This article aims to observe, analyze and compare various definitions of the studies of mediatization concept in order to identify the dominant paradigm of mediatization field. Moreover, it explores correlations and linkages between other humanitarian studies (e. g. sociology and politics), dynamics of social environment and mediatization. The introductory part explains why it is important to redefine "mediatization" and thoroughly research this concept as well as concepts of globalization and commercialization. The first part provides a comparative analysis of definitions "mediatization" term and historical observation of this field's evolvement and development. Factually, scholars seem to agree on the opinion, that "mediatization" is a long continuing process, which impacts media, culture and the society at large. The second part examines the multidisciplinary research of "mediatization". Some authors argue the media researchers tend to overestimate the meaning of the mass media for social changes. The present paper attempts to describe how to take different scientific perspectives into account while exploring media. In conclusion, the dominant paradigm of mediatization field and media studies is described.

Keywords: media, mediatization, society, digital environment, media consumption.



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