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Looking for the Journalism in the Crimean  TV Broadcasting

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For citation: Gromova E.B. (2017) V poiskakh zhurnalistiki v krymskom teleefire [Looking for the Journalism in the Crimean  TV Broadcasting] Mediaskop 3. (in Russian). Available at:


© Ekaterina B. Gromova

Senior Lecturer at the Chair of Journalism, Sevastopol Branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University,  Honored Journalist of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (Sevastopol, Russia),


The paper has been prepared on the basis of the report presented during the interdepartmental scientific seminar "Prokhorov Readings", which took place at the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University, March 21, 2017.



 This article covers the content and formats  of local  Crimean State television channels Crimand Crim 24.The article focuses on the non-news programmes.The author scanned  few days of broadcasting and analized the typical formats, forms, style and content of the programmes. The author resumes the united evidence for nearly all programmes − nominative narrative,that doesn't show the reasons and sense of the events, but only names them. Consumerism instead of journalism, bloggers instead of journalists, PR  on the  place of publicism − these are unfortunately the signs of modern local TV channels. The article marks the high  quality of the local  children's, morning  and educative programmes. On the other side few local  TV journalists try to understand the mentality of the Crimean people who have recently joined  the Russian information area, which is absolutely new for them. All sorts of cliche' (stock phrases, topos) make the journalists' speech lack colours in talk shows with the guests. The weak feature of the regional channel is coping of all the propagandist cliches from the central channels and some aggressive form of communication with televiewers as well.

Keywords: state TV broadcasting, modern local TV channel specialities, custom TV product, comments.