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The Orthodox Church of Cyprus in the Space of Printed and Internet Communication (2000−2016)

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For citation: Bogdanova O.A. (2017) Kiprskaya Pravoslavnaya Tserkov' v prostranstve pechatnoy i internet-kommunikatsii (2000−2016 gg.) [The Orthodox Church of Cyprus in the Space of Printed and Internet Communication (2000−2016 гг.)]. Mediaskop 1. (in Russian). Available at:


© Olga A. Bogdanova
PhD student at the Chair of Foreign Journalism and Literature, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia),



In the beginning of the 3rd Millennium qualitative and quantitative changes in the system of the Church media of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus took place. On the one hand, it was caused by the fact of partial changes in the administrative structure of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus: new administrative units, Metropolies, and because of this new media. On the other hand, irrespective of this the first, internet-media of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus emerged as well as pages in the social net Facebook and the first (and the only in Cyprus so far) agency of the Church news online.

 In the Russian academic literature there are no studies of the Church media of Cyprus and their classification. Existing studies in the Greek consider mainly the early stages of history of the journalism in Cyprus, while media of the beginning of the 3r Millennium are left aside.

Thus we are the first to study the problem of the identification of basic trends in the development and functioning of print and internet media of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus and to analyze the quality of their work from the viewpoint of the proper orientation to the audience and also to answer the question about their role and place in the life of the modern ecclesiastical community of Cyprus.

The study represents complex analysis of the contemporary system of printed and internet media of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus (2000-2016). Our methodology of complex analysis (the combination of the typological and ecological methods) makes it possible to present an adequate interpretation of the modern state of the system of the Church media of Cyprus and outline prospects of its development.

The empirical database of the study includes the sets of the Church newspapers and journals for the 2000-2015 years and the series of interviews taken by the author in the period from 14 to 28 October of 2015 directly in the offices of the Church newspapers and websites of Cyprus, and also by means of internet and telephone.

Keywords: Cyprus, church media, The Orthodox Church of Cyprus, religious journalism.



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